A Short History Of The Apostles Of The Holy Spirit

In August 1948, the Apostles of the Holy Spirit were founded by George E. Schulhoff, while holding the office of “Chancellor” in Norwood Council Knights of Columbus. Archbishop John T. McNicholas granted the newly formed small group permission to do their work and named the movement “Apostles of the Holy Spirit”. From his hardware store Mr. Schulhoff and his wife worked together, distributing pamphlets and financing advertising in the local newspapers in an effort to propagate Catholic truth, and spread the devotion of the Holy Spirit. They worked alone for five years with a steady increase of contacts on their mailing list. Full approval was granted in May 1954, by Archbishop Karl J. Alter of Cincinnati.

In 1957 a branch of the “Apostles of the Holy Spirit” was organized in the Diocese of Covington Ky, by Wm. J. Habig Jr. of the Cincinnati group with the full approval, cooperation, and active participation of Bishop William T. Mulloy.


Spreading the Love, Devotion, and Understanding of the Holy Spirit our sanctifier.

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